Session 1: Welcome to Barovia

The adventuring party which consist of Flacon the High Elf Warlock, Tyrone the Human Fighter, Syllic the Elven Ranger, Connor the Human War Cleric, and Ben-Ji the Goliath Monk find themselves in a tavern spending their hard earned gold on ale when a figure dressed in a multicolored cloak enters the room with a proposition, "help my master protect his sister and he shall pay who handsomely." The party agrees and decide to leave the next morning.

Before they head to bed however, a young woman approaches Syllic and ask if he would like his fortune read. He agrees… his fortune is cryptic at best.

Syllic's Fortune

In the morning the adventuring group head out to the valley of Barovia where they are then enveloped by a thick, strange fog. Before the fog completely oveetakes them, a couple of large wolves burst through the fog in front of them, followed by a cloaked figure. The figure sees the fog approaching them and shouts to them to run to the gates ahead of them into the village. They make it to a village as the far stops at the gates.

As they look around the find two children in the street who tell them there is a "monster in the basement" of their house. Ben-ji, Falcon, and Syllic enter the house… creepiness ensues. Connor and Tyrone stay outside to "protect" the children until the children seem to vanish. They run into the house.

Syllic finds a locked cabinet and breaks it open to find a handcrossbow, a light crossbow, and a heavy crossbow each with 20 bolts of arrows. The cloaked figure sneaks up stairs only to be attacked by an animated suit of armor. Tyrone takes the final blow and cuts the armor in half.

The party finds what seems like a secret passage but ends at a thick wall. The cloaked figure, now known to be a Tabaxi named Grey Stripes, finds a secret entrance to the attic. Falcon searches the library and finds a key to a door in the attic as well as a secret passage with a letter from someone named Strahd von Zarovich. He also finds 3 spell scrolls (protection from poison, bless, and Spiritual Weapon) 3 black leather bound books (25 gp each) a deed to the house and a will from the Durst, the owners of the house.

As the party enters the locked room in the attic, the find two young skeletons and the ghost of Rose and Thorn, the two children they met outside. The ghost know they are dead and they show all the secrets of the house. The ghost do not want to be left alone and ask to accompany the party Falcon is possessed by Rose and Syllic is possessed by Thorn. The group then desends the secret passage to find themselves in a dank dungeon.



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